Ethernet Extenders for 2-wire/4-wire Copper

VDSL & G.SHDSL modems and inverse multiplexer for high capacity Ethernet extension over short distances. Eliminate the need for fiber in the last mile.

  • With a maximum line rate of 10 mbps these Ethernet extension products eliminate the need for fiber in the last mile.
  • All of our new VDSL and G.SHDSL products have VLAN support.
  • For longer distances try our ASMi-52. It uses G.SHDSL line coding to achieve a maximum range of 5.9 miles.
  • For low cost solutions try our ASM-61 VDSL modem which transports data at a speed of 10 mbps.

Ethernet Extender Guide:

Product Max Line Rate (mbps) Max Range in Miles # of
10BT 100BT Bridge Router SNMP VLAN Supp
ASM-61 10 0.6 2 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
ASMi-52 2.304 5.9 Opt Yes No Opt Opt Yes Opt

Vendor: RAD Data Communications

Function: G.SHDSL modem extends T1, LAN or data traffic up to 4.6 miles over 2-/4-wire copper

Features: Prioritize traffic, management

More Info: ASMi-52 G.SHDSL Modem

Vendor: RAD Data Communications

Function: VDSL modem transports up to 10 mbps for 0.6 miles over 2-wire copper

Features: Starts at $828 per bundle

More Info: ASM-61 VDSL Modem

The following installation and maintenance plans are available for these products:

Available Installation Options:

Equipment Staging Assembly and programming of product, extensive testing, documentation of hardware, software, firmware, parts & serial numbering, and programming configuration and parameters.
On-Site Installation Single point of contact, site survey (additional charges apply), staging/pre-configuration and testing, on-site installation by a RAD Certified Service Technician.
Remote Configuration An experienced RAD Technician will set-up and configure your RAD equipment through a secure Internet connection while you watch.

Available Maintenance Plans:

Basic Service Service Level 1 Service Level 2 Service Level 3
Extended Warranty Coverage
Software Downloads  
FAQ Database  
Dedicated toll-free number available 24/7 for all priority technical support calls on downed, faulty or degraded RAD products  
Priority handling for all service calls with escalation management to ensure timely problem resolutions.  
Replacement parts guaranteed to ship by next business day.    
On-site spares for automatic parts replenishment.      
Dispatch of RAD-authorized field technician for on-site support within four (4) hours when necessary.      

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