Pseudo Wire Solutions

Run TDM traffic transparently over Ethernet/MPLS/IP networks. Reduce voice connectivity costs while maintaining toll-quality voice.


Migrate your voice to an IP backbone and save on bandwidth and operating costs without a forklift upgrade to your network! Ideal for campus or MAN settings with bandwidth-plentiful GigE networks, TDMoIP tranports TDM circuits over IP transparently, preserving your investment in existing voice equipment and maintaining all your PBX's features and functionality. With an initial investment starting at roughly $1,500 per T1 link and an immediate reduction in OPEX, you will gain a positive ROI within months. Carrier-class solutions for both hub-site & remote CLE installations available. Sample Applications:

  • Extend up to 16xT1 lines between PBXs over IP point-to-point: Preserve investment in legacy voice equipment
  • Extend up to 16 T1 lines over an IP network point-to-multipoint: TDM quality voice over an IP network - perfect for school districts and other campus settings
  • Extend T3 lines over a campus IP network point-to-multipoint: High capacity TDM over IP solution reduces operating costs

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