T1 Access, T3 Access and E1 Access

Digital Cross Connect

Non-blocking DS0 cross connect for up to 960 timeslots. Modular solution allows you to invest in capacity on an as needed basis. Transmission can be over fiber or copper lines, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

Inverse Mux

Bridge the gap between T1 and T3 speeds. Get more than a single T1 at less than the price of a T3. Expand your LAN capacity up to 11.9 mbps. Built in bridge with VLAN support.

T3 Access

Transport 28 T1s or Ethernet over a T3. Plug and play unit for quick installation and easy maintenance. Flexible local, remote or SNMP management through dedicated supervisory or Ethernet ports.

E1 to T1 Access and Conversion

Access international offices' E1 lines using T1 to E1 conversion products. Maximum capacity of 960 timeslots. Modular solutions allow you to invest in capacity as needed.

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