Digital Access Cross Connect

Non-blocking digital cross connect for up to 240 lines and high-density E1 to T1 conversion.

  • Scalable, low cost units ideal for connecting to international offices.
  • Reduce access costs by aggregating fractional T1s.
  • Modularity lets you gradually increase capacity by adding cards to your chassis or stacking full units (scale up to 688 E1s to T1s).
  • Wide range of advanced features - view datasheet for complete details.
  • Downtime eliminated via common logic and power supply redundancy, along with 1:1 protective switching.
  • Full compatibility with your existing fiber or copper infrastructure.
  • Choice of well known management options, including SNMP and Telnet.
  • Get up and running quickly - helpful pre-sales support.
  • Stay up and running smoothly - complete post-sales vendor support, including update, improvement, and maintenance notifications.

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