Inverse Mux

Extend 10/100 over 4 or 8 bonded T1s

  • Bridging the gap between T1 and T3 connectivity allows you to attain higher speeds without the monthly outlay for a full T3 circuit.
  • Bond up to 8 T1 circuits for a maximum throughput of 11.9 mbps (or 8 E1 circuits for a throughput of 15.6 mbps).
  • VLAN tagging, stacking and stripping option keeps all user VLAN settings intact.
  • Define QoS queues to ensure prioritization of real-time applications such as voice and video
  • Inband and out-of-band management access via ASCII terminal, web browser, Telnet or SNMP. Management traffic may be tagged with a different VLAN.

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