T1 and T3 Extenders for Fiber

Using a T1 Multiplexer or T1/T3 Modem

  • Network uptime maximized via redundant hot-swappable power supplies and automatic 1+1 link protection on the uplink and T1 tributaries.
  • Some units are carrier class NEBS-3 compliant. All components are field replaceable and can be backed up.
  • Management options include SNMP, Telnet or proprietary web-based management connected to an Ethernet management port or an ASCII terminal connected to a DB-9 control port.
  • Operates over single mode, multimode and fiber-conserving single fiber (WDM) for efficient use of fiber infrastructure.
  • True plug and play units require minimal configuration upon installation and are simple to maintain.
  • Point-to-multipoint, daisy chain and redundant ring topologies supported.
  • Multiple T1s or T3s over OC-3 carrier access supported.

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