Success Stories

PineApp Mail-SeCure Anti-Spam Appliance Speeds up E-mail Delivery for Realtors
Agents No Longer Wait up to 12 Hours for Messages to Reach Their Inboxes
Large ISP Deploys PineApp Mail-SeCure to Filter Spam for Thousands of Users
Spam Now Virtually Eliminated for About Half the Price of Competing Solutions
Research Institute at University of Maryland Offloads Large Files to RAID Storage
Gains Lower Costs, Improved Storage Utilization and Faster Time to Disk
Spokane Public School District Puts iSCSI-based IP SAN to the Test:
Tiered storage network delivers dramatic cost savings and improved flexibility
Gila Regional Medical Center Moves Imaging Library to ATAboy2 RAID Array:
Faster Time to Disk and Easier Accessibility Speaks Volumes
University of California at Berkeley Chooses A Tiered Storage Approach:
Builds Cost Effective IP SAN and Consolidates Storage Arrays
T1 Access - Wireless Internet Service Provider Builds Citywide Wireless Network:
T1 Router from RADirect Helps Keep Subscribers Online
Regional Utility Expands Offerings Include Telecommunications:
Turns to RADirect for Cost Saving Managed Solution
State University Expands Campus-Wide Communications System:
RADirect Provides Solution for T1/E1 Extension

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