PacketLight Networks

PacketLight Networks - Optimizes Storage Extension Over Any Network

PacketLight Networks specializes in cost-effective optical equipment tailored for storage and data transport over any type of network: SONET/SDH, fiber and IP/Ethernet infrastructures.

PacketLight's PL-1000E CWDM DWDM mux, PL-1000 DWDM fiber mux and PL-400 CWDM / DWDM mux extend storage, data, voice and video in any mix over single fiber.

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What it Does


CWDM DWDM mux extends a mix of 10G and sub-10G high speed services over fiber


DWDM fiber mux extends up to four high-speed 10G services over fiber


CWDM / DWDM mux extends storage, data, voice and video services over single fiber

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